Vr-Box-3d-Virtual-Reality-Box Vr-Box-3d-Virtual-Reality-Box Vr-Box-3d-Virtual-Reality-Box
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Vr Box – 3d Virtual Reality Box

  • will get an Incredible Visual Fidelity and a strong immersive experience with HD images that make it hard to distinguish the real from the virtual world.
  • Experience the immersive,imagine whom you want to be and then use VR SHINECON to achieve your once impossible dream…
  • WHAT IS THE ERGONOMIC DESIGN?This Adjustable T-shaped Strap – Designed to decrease the pressure around your eyes and on your head, providing you more comfortable feeling.Therefore it is suitable for different people.Larger Nose Clip Space and Flexible – Designed to meet the different facial contour and prevent your nose being hurt
  • The HUMANIZATION DesignQuick Heat Dissipation – Removable absorption panel help to Improve ventilation and keep you device cool. Sponge leather area, front cover and the front two openings for phone cooling, greatly enhance the heat dissipation effect for long use.Note: You can plug in the earphone here as the picture shows.

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